The International Bachelor program of University of Gloucestershire (UoG) is the joint program between University of Economics and Law – VNU- HCMC and University of Gloucestershire, UK by decision No. 954/QĐ-VNU, No 955/QĐ-VNU, No 956/QĐ-VNU of VNU-HCM.

University of Gloucestershire is a public university based in Gloucestershire. It is one of the oldest universities in the UK with more than 180 years of historical background. The university is one of the leading universities in teaching excellence, with notable staff sharing their practical expertise with students and their peers.

The International Bachelor program of University of Gloucestershire (UoG) always put the quality of education first, giving students more opportunities to access to the international environment.

1. Features of the program:

English as the primary language of teaching and communicating:

The main language used throughout the whole program is English. English is used in not only learning and teaching but also in extra curriculum activities as well as learning materials. This is an ideal environment for students to improve their English competence.

Access to high quality education system of The UK. Get transferred to other countries such as Australia, USA, Canada…

UoG is an associate program of international standards. Therefore, the training program is subjected to the accreditation process of University of Gloucestershire. UoG students will have a chance to access to the renowned quality of education in the UK. Your degree will be recognized and respected as if you actually studied in the UK.

After 18 months of studying in Vietnam, students who wish to study abroad will be able to transfer the study results to University of Gloucestershire or any other universities in the UK, where students will continue studying the remaining process.

Lecturers with international standards of University of Gloucestershire:

All lecturers who have spent years studying overseas are experienced and have competitive educational backgrounds, with Master degree as minimum requirement. At the same time, University of Gloucestershire also sends their lecturers to Vietnam for teaching.

Students are fully developed with soft skills, and extra-curriculum:

Daily lessons are taught by the instructor in combination with practical practice, giving student opportunity to apply their knowledge in reality. Besides studying, school also organizes extra-curricular activities to help students develop necessary skills for their future career. After graduation, students not only have solid foundation of their major but also well-prepared with soft-skills – an element that receive special attention from recruiters.

Opportunities to socialize with international students, international internship:

The school regularly organizes activities for Vietnamese students and international students who are studying at CIP to meet and socialize. Also, there are internships and trips to other countries so that students will have the opportunity to explore different cultures, which is an advantage for students when working in multi-national company. Through these international internships, students can approach the actual working environment in large enterprises. In addition, it is also an opportunity for students to choose companies that match their abilities and personalities.

International qualification:

A bachelor’s degree which is internationally valued issued by University of Gloucestershire, UK

2. Majors:
– Business administration
– International business
– Financial accountant

3. Training time:
– 3,5 years at UEL or
– 1,5 years at UEL and 2 years at University of Gloucestershire (UK)
4. Rankings of UoG:
– In 2016, the school was ranked 54th on the UK University Rankings by the Guardian UK Universities Rankings 2016.
– In 2009, ranked 59th among the top UK universities by The Times.
– The school has the historical background of more than 180 years

5. Admission conditions:
– Graduated high school with average score (GPA) of three years above 6.5
– IELTS 5.5 or equivalent (if the student doesn’t meet the English requirement, the school also provides English learning program)

6. Admission documents:
– Application form
– Certified copy of high school diploma
– Certified copy of high school transcript
– 3 photos 4×6 (with name, date of birth)
– Certified copy if ID card

7. Direct consultation:
For more information, please contact:
– 0985 553 357 (Ms.Phương)
– 0968521385 (Ms. Dung)

8. Contact information:
Center for  International programs,
– Address: Room 605, University of Economics and Law, Quarter  3, Linh Xuan ward, Thu Duc District
– 45 Dinh Tien Hoang, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1
– Phone: (08) 37 244 525 | (08) 39 100 916
– Ms. Trịnh Hà Phương – Email:;      Tel: 0985 553 357
– Ms. Vương Thị Thùy Dung –;       Tel: 0968 521 385

Center for International Programs

Room 605, University of Economics and Law, Quarter  3, Linh Xuan ward, Thu Duc District

45 Dinh Tien Hoang, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1

Phone: (08) 37 244 525 | (08) 39 100 916


Skype: uel.cip